Mechanical interaction between dental implant and bone in patients with Bruxism

“Influence of bone quality on the mechanical interaction between implant and bone: A finite element analysis” (2019). -> Enlace de Descarga

ICEMM, in collaboration with the Research Foundation at Universidad de Sevilla and Faculty of Dentistry at Universidad de Sevilla, has carried out the research of the mechanical behaviour of the interaction between bone and dental implant in patients with bruxism, where the dental prosthesis is subject to cyclic pathological loads.

For developing it, a detailed solid finite element model was defined, which was divided into three different zones depending on their stiffness:

  • Dental implant
  • Cancellous bone
  • Cortical bone

This finite element model was validated by means of photoelasticity tests. Following figure shows the iscochromatic fringes from the test and the digital image processing:

A comparison was made between two commercial implants and a pattern of bone loss was established, using the tensional state and the lost contact surface of the cortical bone as evaluation criteria.

By means of Abaqus Software, numerical simulation techniques based on the Finite Element Method have been applied for the assessment of stresses, together with a constitutive model of bone remodelling which modifies the physical properties of the bone, in such a way that the biological withdrawal of the bone material is produced in the areas surrounding the implant when a determined tensional threshold is exceeded Here, it can be seen the dental bone loss temporal evolution of one of our analysis.


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