Hydraulics and hydrology

Our team is specialized in hydraulic and hydrological analyses for free surface and pressurized water systems. We carry out detailed studies of steady and transient hydraulic problems and their associated protection systems, sediment transport / moviel  bed calculations, floodplain modeling and water temperature / quality studies. Complementarily, we analyze all the complete hydrological processes of hydrographic basins: infiltration of events, surface run-off, forecast of design flows, impact of future urbanization, design of dam spillway, studies of flood abatement, reduction of damages by floods and regulation of floodplains. To carry out these analyisis we have followint simulation software ALLIEVI, Hec-RAS y Hec- HMS.


  • Steady state analysis in free surface and pressurized water systems.
  • NPSH and submergence analysis.
  • Transient state analysis in free surface and pressurized water systems.
  • Design of protection systems: air vessels, unidirectional tanks, surge tanks, air valves
  • Calculation of erosion in bridges or culverts
  • Flooding studies for different return periods based on hydrological studies carried out: delimitation of the active channel, depth at each point of the considered section and velocities map
  • Sediment transport / mobile bed calculations
  • Water temperature / quality studies

Batinah Pump Station

(Left) Constrictions streamlines / (Right) Flood zone in an urbanized area


  • Complete hydrological studies of hydrographic basin systems: effects on the channels, infiltration and evapotranspiration, alteration of superficial run-off and concentration times due to changes in land use, definition of design flows …
  • Analysis of of flood abatement and design of dam spillway
  • Flood damage reduction and floodplain regulation

Scheme of sub-basins and their associated hydrographs