A350 S19.1 -900&-1000 Step7 Front Firewall Static Strength


  • Client: ALESTIS AEROSPACE – Airbus SAS
  • Date: 2019 – 2020
  • Aircraft: XW-A350-900|XW-A350-1000


ICEMM has carried out several structural analysis of the section S19.1 of the A350XWB aircraft throughout the different steps of the airplane development, since the preliminary design, first flight and certifications of the different versions.

In this project, the static validation of the Front Firewall for the A350 XWB S19.1 Step 7 and on configuration has been carried out, where certification loads envelopes for -900 and -1000 have been used to perform the strength justification.

A350 XWB Step 7 S191 – General View


Following analysis and activities have been performed:

  • Front Firewall Detail Finite Element Model (DFEM) Up-date (Hypermesh 2019)
  • Buckling and post-buckling analyses. Non-linear for large displacement (Abaqus 6.12.3)
  • Firewall Strength analyses. Non-linear for large displacement (Abaqus 6.12.3)
  • Fitting Analysis. Non-linear for plastic material behavior (Abaqus 6.12.3)
  • Modal Analysis. Nastran 2013.1
  • Certification Documentation

A350XWB S19.1 DFEM - General View

A350 XWB Step 7 S191 – DFEM General View


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