The Airbus A400M is a long-range military aircraft powered by four turboprop engines and developed by the European company Airbus Military.

ICEMM has participated, from 2011 to 2019, in the static and fatigue structural analysis and justification of different components: Weight on Wheel, X-Lock and Crane Mobile Equipment (CME).


The A320 is a twin-engine narrow-body commercial aircraft developed by the European company Airbus.

ICEMM has participated in numerous analyses of the different versions from 2011 to the present day, being able to highlight the acoustic fatigue analyses of the Air Intake and Exhaust of the S191 and the activities of integration of DFEM models in GFEM for fatigue analysis of the A321 XLR, ACF Drive and Neo XLR versions.


A350XWB - Cálculo de Estructuras Aeronáuticas

The A350XWB is an aircraft developed and produced by the European Company Airbus. The A350XWB is a wide-body twin-engine aircraft with double aisle and built with advance materials (more than 50% of the structure is made of composite materials).

ICEMM has worked intensively since 2012 on different parts of the aircraft in the structural area: fuselage (S19 and S191), Belly Fairing, wing, HTP and Landing Gear

C295 & CN235

The C295 & CN235 are twin engine tactical military aircrafts for military transport, maritime patrol and submarine warfare.

Different variants have been developed of the Basic C295 & CN235, where ICEMM has worked in all variants since 2007 in the area of Structural Dynamic & Aeroelasticity defining the dynamic loads of the aircraft in the preliminary design phase and the certification phase.



The Airbus A380 is a 4-engine aircraft manufactured by the European company Airbus. Currently, the A380 is the world’s largest passenger aircraft, having made its maiden flight in 2005. At the end of 2021, the aircraft ceased production due to a lack of new orders.

ICEMM has worked on the structural analysis of the A380-e Belly Fairing, and the retrofit of the wing ribs due to cracking problems caused by additional stresses resulting from the manufacturing and assembly processes.


El objeto general de este proyecto es el estudio de una nueva tecnología de mantenimiento predictivo aplicado a la fisuración y rotura de carriles de ferrocarril por efecto de cargas cíclicas…


airbus a330 mrtt

The A330-MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport) is a military transport/air refuelling tanker aircraft built on the A330-200 platform.